Vineyards & terroirs

The Ruwer Valley wine region has a wine-growing area of approx. 200 ha, where the vines are harvested annually to make around 2 million bottles of wine. This is a comparatively low quantity, but connoisseurs highly regard the fine Riesling from the Ruwer region.

The following vineyards and terroirs are located in the individual townships:

  • Waldrach:

    Krone, Meisenberg, Laurentiusberg, Ehrenberg, Sonnenberg, Jesuitengarten

  • Kasel:

    Herrenberg, Hitzlay, Nies'chen, Kehrnagel, Dominikanerberg, Timpert

  • Mertesdorf:

    Herrenberg, Johannisberg, (Lorenzhof) Felslay, Mäuerchen, (Maximin Grünhaus) Bruderberg, Abtsberg

  • Trier-Ruwer, Eitelsbach:

    Sonnenberg, Marienholz, Maximiner, Domherrenberg, Karthäuserhofberg

  • Riveris:


  • Sommerau:


  • Morscheid:


Vineyards & terroirs map
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Riesling grape
Riesling grape, small and compact berries
The Riesling vines culture on trellising
The Riesling vines culture on trellising, a method proven for centuries
St. Laurentius
. Laurentius, patron saint of grapes and vines in Waldrach