Seiferingstein near Hinzenburg/Schöndorf

The Seiferingstein, a solid block of rock, is perched at a height of 538.7 m, 2.5 km south-east of Schöndorf.

It is rightly a popular hiking destination, and worth climbing. The unobstructed view it provides stretches over the upper Ruwer Valley and far beyond the hills and forests of the southern Hochwald timber forest.

Just nearby, around 300 m north-east of the Seiferingstein, is the Spitzenstein, which is also a quartzite rock formed through weathering. Unfortunately, the view from the top is now obstructed by tree foliage.

The Fischhuffelsen are two groups of quartzite rocks, which soar to heights of up to 10 m. They are located in a thicket of oaks around 2.5 km west of the Seiferingstein, just north of the hiking track leading from the Seiferingstein to Hinzenburg. This is where quartzite was blasted for road-building in 1934

Fortunately, further plans to mine the quartzite in this region have been temporarily postponed.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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