Plague cross near Riveris

Plague cross in Riveris restored and consecrated

RIVERIS. The plague cross on Stauseestrasse is gleaming in renewed splendour. It was consecrated by Pastor Helmut Dieser during a small ceremony attended by numerous local citizens. The old cross has passed its prime and become shabby. Municipal Mayor Hans Jakobs thus took charge of organising and preparing the construction of a new cross on the same site, on behalf of the Alfons Becker benefactor family. The manual craftwork was performed by Manfred Lehnen from Osburg, who designed a new crucifix out of seasoned oak wood. "But that was not all", explains Hans Jakobs. Because screws had to be made by hand, mountings crafted from stainless steel, and a new metal sign engraved. Hans Jakobs was able to recruit the necessary specialists to complete the work.

The history of the cross began over 360 years ago. During the Thirty Years War (1618 to 1648), the Black Death had spread throughout Riveris, as it had throughout all of Germany. Around 1640, 200 people are said to have fallen ill and died from what was, at the time, the scourge of humanity, - the Black Death. The wayside cross was erected to prevent more people from being afflicted with this serious disease. At that time, it stood at the site of the present-day Scholtes House. According to tradition, no one else in Riveris has ever fallen ill with Black Death since erection of the cross. The cross was moved to its current location, the rock spur, upon construction of the Scholtes House, and was, for many years, tended to and maintained by the Scholtes family. Jakobs states that, "Today, we are able to restore this cross here thanks to the Becker family’s foundation, and thereby continue and preserve the over-360-year tradition for the decades to come". He adds that it was also made possible by the builder, Manfred Lehnen, and the municipality’s kind soul, Manfred Michels, who had provided the appropriate building conditions for this.

In the vernacular the location has been known as "Am Kreuzchen" (By the Small Cross) since the time the first cross was erected. The small stream which flows along nearby is called the "Kreuzbach" (Cross Creek).

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