The Cross of Peter near Bonerath

A stone cross stands on the left-hand side of the road leading from Schöndorf to Bonerath, around 500 m before you reach the entrance to the village. According to its inscription, this cross was erected out of gratitude, and in memory of the 1870/71 war, by husband and wife Nikolaus and Elisabeth (born May) Mergens of Bonerath in 1872.

A wooden cross, the  Cross of Peter, previously stood for many years on this site, next to a house whose owner was called Peter Peters, thus giving the cross its name.

Some of the village’s older inhabitants today report that, their ancestors would dread passing by this cross, particularly after nightfall, as the Bonerath village ghost is said to have been restless and caused trouble here.

If, at night, the priest was called to visit a dying person, or the doctor to an ill patient, or the midwife to a soon-to-be mother, then good advice was always highly appreciated. Nobody wanted to pass by this cross. The ghost would always hobble along the path in the form of a three-legged hare and frighten those hurrying past.

The following incident from the 1880 is still recounted even today. A farmer from the village owned a rather large field very close to the cross, so he would head off early every morning with his cattle to plough the field. As he was working the land at dawn, he heard a doleful voice coming from the nearby woods. It cried: "I have washed, baked and made a man’s shirt, and it’s not even daybreak yet"!. (Dialect: "Eich han gebauch on gebaach on en Mannshimm gemaach, on et es emmer noch nit Daag". The farmer plucked up his courage and said: "How about a piece of sweet cake as well then?!" (Dialect: "Da ka ma jo noch en Stieck Sießkochen krien!").

When he reached the end of the field, he did actually find a piece of cake wrapped in a kerchief. He took it with him, but was so shocked and frightened that he unharnessed his team of cattle and headed straight home. He never tended to the field at dawn again.

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