The wayside cross near Hinzenburg

If you cross the bridge over the Ruwer beneath the Hinzenburg Mill and heads towards Ollmuth, you will catch a glimpse of a pale sandstone cross, between the trees of the upward-climbing Ollmuth state forest reserve, just beyond the bridge on the left-hand side. The tall cross is built of several blocks. The following inscription is chiselled into the middle section, above a stone of the multi-sectioned pillar, whose sides are adorned with unfurled leaf motifs:

"Michael Backes of Hinzenburg had this cross erected in 1826 as a memorial and in honour of God." A metal Body of Christ (Corpus) is mounted onto the top stone.

Michael Backes used his cart to transport quartzite stone to the Villeroy & Boch crockery and ceramics factory in Mettlach. The crushed quartzite served as an additional resource for manufacturing the products there. Transportation of the quartzite material allowed the people in the Hochwald to earn a little extra income, during what were otherwise hard economic and social times.

The bridge over the Ruwer had not yet been built on the road to Ollmuth. The steep slopes on both sides of the Ruwer meant transportation by cart through the river was rather dangerous. On one occasion, Backes found himself in a precarious situation while crossing the Ruwer with is cart. After emerging safe and sound, he vowed to erect a cross.

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The wayside cross near HinzenburgKarte des Ruwertals

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