The wayside cross near Ollmuth

A 2.50-m-tall cross made of red sandstone stands on a hill near a chapel, by the side of the street which branches off from the main road between Pluwig and Franzenheim and instead continues onto Ollmuth.

Scrawled on the base of the altar table, beneath a longer, now weathered inscription in Latin are the words: "Erected in 1841 by P. Hermesdorf, the young man from Ollmuth".

Rising up above the altar table is a long column-like structure bearing the words: "A plea for the poor souls".

The cross at the top, with a carved Corpus (Body of Christ), stands on a broad capital. A skull is carved at the feet of the crucifix.

Nothing more is known about the reasons, which led to the erection of the cross in 1841. The inscription on the column indicates that someone died here. However, it may also be a cross, which was donated for the salvation of deceased family members, or one which was erected there as a result of a solemn promise.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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