The cross near the "Drei Mörder"

A tombstone-shaped cross stands to the right of a soldier’s grave from World War II, at the point where the road leading from Holzerath to Reinsfeld reaches the edge of the Hochwald timber forest. When war broke out in 1870, seven men from Holzerath were drafted and had to report to Reinsfeld. In doing so, they promised that, if they all came home safely, they would erect a cross on this roadway. They all returned safe and sound, and quickly established the cross here, with the inscription: "Hikers who pass by here should pray to and thank the Lord who protects us in times of battle and need. This cross was erected in God’s honour by the thankful warriors who were protected in the battles of 1870/71: M. Lunig, P. Michels, M. Theis, J. Becker, J. Peters, N. Mergens, Jakobs."



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Karte des Ruwertals

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