The wayside shrine to St Donatus in Morscheid

Some 300 m south of Morscheid, on the way to Sommerau, stands a brick shrine whose inscription reveals the reason for its erection: "On 26 August 1883, the vigil for St Donatus, four people from Morscheid were struck by lightning here, but, thanks be to God, they remained unharmed." The people mentioned here were three women and a man. St Donatus is the second patron saint of Morscheid, and was particularly revered. The St Donatus Bell tolls from the church tower. For many years, a long procession would be made to this so-called St Donatus Cross on St Donatus Day, and people would say their own Donatus litanies for the parish. The stump of the nut tree, which was struck by lightning could, for a long time, be seen next to the cross.



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