The Witches Cross from 1663 near Kasel

Wayside crosses are evidence of the past. They serve as reminders of religious customs or certain, usually tragic, events.


As wood was one of the main building materials used in this region, fewer crosses have been preserved here than in areas where predominantly stone crosses were erected. However, wayside crosses can be still found everywhere, most of which are lovingly tended to.

Situated on the slope of a meadow between Grünhaus Manor and Kastel, just before the entrance to the village, is a chapel. Just next to it, under an old pear tree, is the so-called Witches Cross, measuring 1.60 m in height and crafted from sandstone. Its only inscription is that denoting the year 1663 and the letters D.D.E., whose meaning is unclear. The decorative lines on the cross beams are similar to flickering flames, and the Body of Christ sculptured out of the stone is surrounded by these flames. The name of the place, "Auf Hexe" (The Witches), suggests that this was the site where witches were burned. Oral tradition confirm this assumption. It has also been officially documented that, from 1580 to 1630, a larger number of witches were burned in Kasel. This cross is most certainly a form of tombstone for the innocent victims, where people should pray for peace of mind, as well as apologise to the poor, misfortunate souls. The adjacent Mother of God Chapel appears to have been erected in the spirit of this tradition.

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