The paintings of the Passion of Christ in Osburg

The round tower is the emblem of Osburg, and serves as the bell tower for the new church built in 1958. Nothing exact is known about its original purpose, however, it is
assumed that it was either a fortress tower or a viewing tower.

In the new church, apart from the modern, brightly-coloured stained-glass windows, it is particularly also worth seeing the Stations of the Cross, depicted in 14 oil paintings. They are located on the balustrade of the right-hand side aisle, and, at 75 x 110 cm, are exceptionally large. They are painted in the style of the biblical historic paintings known as the "Nazarene School of Art". The Nazarenes, German artists who created their works in the 19th century, were not concerned with depicting the act of Salvation in a shocking and realistic way, and instead toned it down. They wanted to generate a religious mood using pleasant and romantic images.

The 14 Stations of the Cross in Osburg were painted by Octavie de Lasalle von Louisenthal, also known as the "Painter Countess". She was born in Metz in 1812 and died in Dagstuhl Castle near Wadern in 1890.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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