The side-altar in Waldrach

The Waldrach church, newly built in 1905/06, stands at a sleight elevation, and is thus visible from afar. The four-storey western tower, adjacent to the new building, dates back to 1256. It survived several church constructions and re-constructions, and, with the present-day church roof, fits in well with the village and vineyard landscape.

The most prized item in its interior is the right-hand side-altar. It is composed of three fragments of a former tomb, which the famous Hans Ruprecht Hoffmann crafted for two brothers of the Enschringen family for a church in Trier. These three parts came from there to Waldrach in 1803, and were assembled to form a Holy Cross Altar. Today, the half-reliefs on the sarcophagus mensa emerge from a dark-gold background. To the left of the cross is the Virgin Mary, face down and eyes full of pain; in front of her is Dietrich von Enschringen with his sister depicted as a nun. To the right is John the Baptist, in ecstatic gesture and wildly flapping cloak. In front of him kneels Robert von Enschringen, dressed in a surplice, and with an ermine stole over his arm. Judging by the direction in which the figures are looking, the old crucifix must have been smaller.

The left-hand side-altar is the old high altar. The tabernacle, with its solid volutes and curved sections, dates back to the 18th century. It is topped with a wooden Immaculata, flanked by angels in worship.

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