Citizen's House and Rural Museum in Gusterath

A "Quereinhaus" (combined house and farm) and residential home; today a Citizen's House and Rural Museum. A solid, plastered, slate-rubble building standing somewhat away from the road, it was expanded during a second phase of construction and extended to form a "Trierer Zeile" (Trier rural construction type). The main building is a "Quereinhaus", erected around 1800 as the first building on the present-day Gartenstrasse. It has a hipped gable roof made of slate, as well as a central, brick barn door and a two-bayed living area with low floors and wooden framed windows. According to the date indicated on the main entrance, a living area protruding towards the street was added in 1844 to create a staggered effect with the other living area, and was incorporated into the building line with "Quereinhaus" No. 12. Inside, the partitioning, together with the chimney flue, baking oven and on-site well, has been preserved; the estate has been renovated in exemplary fashion (lattice windows, shutters). The "Quereinhaus" is the last and oldest informative example of historic village architecture, combining two building sections each designed in the typical style of their respective epochs.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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