Karthäuser Hof

The Karthäuser Hof is nestled in a tributary valley near Eitelsbach, invisible from the Ruwertalstrasse roadway.

It was here that the Trier Carthusian monks built an estate with extensive residential and farming buildings in the 14th century, after Prince Balduin had given them the corresponding land. When the charterhouse, which lay to the west of the city’s gates, was destroyed during the chaos of war in 1674, the monks retreated to their farm in Eitelsbach until they were able to purchase a new monastery near Konz in 1680. In the 18th century, they further expanded the farm to make it a winery. As with most ecclesiastical possessions, the Karthäuser Hof was also nationalised during the secularisation period, and sold by the French estate administration of the Ancien Régime in 1811.

The residential building was given neo-Gothic visible façade in 1850. Inside is a striking late-Gothic spiral staircase made of oak, which passes through three levels. Hanging in a room on the first floor of the former farm building, a large 18th-century structure today used for residential purposes, is a valuable and colourful tapestry, which was made in a factory near Lyon in 1823.

As the buildings are inhabited, they cannot be visited. The winery is owned by the Rautenstrauch-Tyrell family.

Öffnungszeiten: on request

Karthäuser HofKarte des Ruwertals

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