Monastery and abbey courtyards in Kasel

Trier monasteries abbeys have owned vineyards in Kasel since the early Middle Ages, indicating that these wine-growing regions were in demand even in those times. Three buildings today still serve as reminders of this former ownership.

The former courtyard of the Trier Monastery of St Paulin – today the "Pauliner Hof" hotel and restaurant – is located right at the entrance to Kasel, at the narrow point of the Ruwertalstrasse roadway. This estate is mentioned as a St Paulinus property from as early as 1373. It had 33,233 grapevines, most of which were leased to Kasel locals. The courtyard house, with its high hipped roof, dates back to the 18th century. Even today, the monogram of Christ can be seen above the main door between Alpha and Omega. The former chapel has been converted to a residential house.

Opposite the "Pauliner Hof", and completely surrounded by walls – is the former courtyard of Trier’s Benedictine Abbey of St Maria ad Martyres, known in Kasel as the Convent of St Mary. The courtyard comprised a residential building and wine press with courtyard. Today, after several reconstructions, these buildings are still only used for residential purposes.

The Abbey of St Irmina-Oeren (Trier) also had a courtyard in Kasel. It is mentioned in 1227, but there are records of this abbey’s possessions in Kasel from as early as the year 937. St Irmina was the oldest owner in Kasel, and consequently held the right of manorial nobility, which was also exercised by the abbess of St Irmina. Most of St Irmina’s vineyard possessions, which comprised over 100,000 grapevines, must also have been leased out. The former estate of St Irmina has been owned by the Imperial Counts Reichsgrafen von Kesselstatt since 1854.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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