Grünhaus Manor near Mertesdorf

Grünhaus Manor lies opposite Mertesdorf, on the western slope of the Ruwer Valley. The building’s crow-stepped gables can be seen between the treetops in the manor grounds, behind a newly erected evangelical chapel.

It was originally called "ad valles" (to the valleys), and belonged to the St Maximin Benedictine abbey in Trier. Emperor Otto I ratified this ownership as early as the year 966. The name "Grünhaus" first appeared in 1334. In 1457, the abbey leased this estate to so-called farms which, according to the farmsteads ordinance, had to provide the abbey with one fourth of their harvest. After the first land survey in the Electorate of Trier in 1720, the total number of vines owned was 151,935, and Grünhaus was one of the largest wineries belonging to the imperial Abbey of St Maximin. In 1892, when the possessions of the Abbey of St Maximin were secularised, Grünhaus too fell under private ownership; it was given the status of a "Manor" (landtagfähiges Rittergut) entitled to act in the Landtag, or state parliament in 1828. After several changes in ownership, the well-known Saar industrialist, Carl von Stumm from Neunkirchen, bought the winery in 1882. By virtue of marriage, the estate then became the property of the von Schubert family, who continue to own it today.

The basic layout of the residential building probably still dates back to late-Gothic times, when it was modified, as shown by a keystone bearing the year 1638. The building is characterised by the crow-stepped gables at the front and back, and a high gable roof with two steep dormers, giving it a palace-like appearance.

The "Kavalierhaus" (a stately residence), known as the Marienburg, stands next to the residential building, and was constructed in Gothic style in 1857-59.

Apart from wine-growing, farming was also one of the main activities undertaken at Grünhaus Manor; the corresponding farming buildings are located near the manor, next to the Grünhaus-Mertesdorf train station. The names of the vineyards today serve as reminders of the complex’s former owners: Grünhäuser Maximiner Bruderberg, Grünhäuser Maximiner Herrenberg, Grünhäuser Maximiner Abtsberg.

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