The Roman camp near Holzerath

One kilometre north-east of Holzerath, near the 511-m-high hill lying to the north of the road leading to Reinsfeld, a section of wasteland with trees and bushes sits idly among well-tended farmland. The vernacular refers to this place as “The Roman camp”.

Last century, extensive wall remnants, stone walls and trenches could still be seen here, suggesting that the site was once a place of refuge or fortified encampment. Even though no discoveries have yet been made to clearly prove the purpose and time-span of the construction, the credible popular assumption is that the site was one of the fortified Roman military camps which, at the end of Roman domination, when the Teutons began penetrating the Trier region more frequently, were set up around Trier to protect the city from enemy attacks.

These military posts would have secured the streets leading to Trier. The Holzerath/Reinsfeld road follows the old Roman roadway, which led from Trier to Hermeskeil. The site of the so-called Roman camp was thus extremely well suited to effectively protecting this road.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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