The "Drei Mörder" (Three Murderers) megalithic grave near Bonerath/Holzerath

Celtic stone grave

Three large quartzite blocks lie in a grove of larches near the road between Holzerath and Reinsfeld. These blocks are known in the vernacular as the "Drei Mörder".

At the point where the road leading from Holzerath reaches the edge of the forest, you must follow it into the woods for around 100 m, and then turn right into a small lane. A few paces away, you will see the scattered quartzite blocks. They were obviously brought here by humans. Even though no thorough archaeological investigation has so far been conducted, it can safely be assumed that this is a destroyed gravesite dating back to the early times of our region’s settlement history. It is similar to the megalithic graves found in northern Germany, but this type of tomb is very rare in our region.

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Karte des Ruwertals

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