Devon-slate church in Thomm

The Virgin Mary and the Way of the Cross. A baroque statue of the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus, as well as the painting of the Way of the Cross, donated by Reverend Peter Didas around 1900, was transferred from the old parish church to the new, modern building.

The western tower of the old Catholic parish church of the Conversion of St Paul. A three-storey tower built in 1870, divided by cornices and situated beneath an octagonal slate pinnacle. It has an open arrangement of modest, round-arched windows, and coupled windows as abat-sons arcades; the porch has been removed and bricked up. The rib-vaulted hall leading to the fallen soldiers’ memorial was redesigned using a sculpture depicting the Calvery from the 1920s warrior’s monument. The two figures either side of Jesus, Mary and John the Apostle, were replaced with a mother and solider, to give the monument a new meaning. Surrounding the building is the square of the old church and the abandoned cemetery. The old parish church, built in 1788, and extended in 1825, 1844 and 1870, was demolished in 1974 except for the tower and gable wall to which it is connected. The re-designed area was marked out with a surrounding wall; the former churchyard was converted into a park. The cemetery cross has been erected inside the former nave. A two-part, tiered sandstone base with a fish relief lies beneath a cast-iron crucifix with the Corpus (Body of Christ), dating back to around the mid-19th century.

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