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    Hiking on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig

    Stages 26 and 27 of Germany’s most beautiful hiking track in the “routes” category lead through the Ruwer Valley.
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  • Dream loops on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig

  • Theme hiking trails on the preservation project for the Ruwer and its tributaries

    As a part of the Ruwer preservation project, 6 different theme hiking trails have been created with the goal of preserving and developing the Ruwer and its tributaries with the adjacent wetlands as natural water and wetland landscapes in the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park.

    • RuT 1:
      "Wandering is the water creature’s joy"
      Circular hiking trail near Schillingen between Flonterbach and Fleschfelsen
    • RuT 2:
      "It’s more than just the greeny grass"
      Circular hiking trail near Mandern between Ruwer and Burkelsbach
    • RuT 3:
      "A visit to the Whinchat bird"
      Circular hiking trail near Greimerath
    • RuT 4:
      "Shadow play in the green gallery by the brook"
      Circular hiking trail near Ollmuth
    • RuT 5:
      "In the dragon fly’s nursery"
      Circular hiking trail at the Sternfeld forestry house in the Osburg Hochwald forest
    • RuT 6:
      "History of the development in the Ruwer Valley around Sommerau"
      Circular hiking trail near Sommerau
    • The brochures on the theme hiking trails are available here.
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Additional hiking trails in the holiday region

  • Moselle Hiking Trail

    Moselsteig The Moselle Hiking Trail guides you along the entire German course of the Moselle from Perl on the German-French border to the mouth of the Moselle at the Deutsche Eck in Coblenz.
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  • Eifel Hiking Trail

    Eifel Hiking Trail Der Premiumwanderweg führt Sie von Aachen bis in die Römerstadt Trier. More info